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Our dedication to customer service affects every part of our business. At General Supply, we spend each day ensuring that our Bloomington area customers are completely happy with the heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality products that we provide. If you want a Bloomington HVAC contractor who really pays attention to your unique requirements, and a contractor who has the experience needed to offer you the perfect indoor comfort solution, then you've come to the right place!

Bloomington Air Conditioning
When the summer months heat up you need a reliable and efficient air conditioner keeping you cool. We sell Coleman® air conditioners and heat pumps that use modern R-410A refrigerant and have high SEER ratings for more efficient cooling and lower monthly utility bills.

Bloomington Heating
When our nights turn cold, it is not the time to have your furnace acting up! General Supply is here to ensure you stay warm during the winter months. If you are looking for a new system, we offer Coleman® furnaces which boast some of the highest efficiency ratings in the industry!

Bloomington Indoor Air Quality
Indoor air quality is an important part of modern HVAC systems. Homes today are sealed tightly for energy conservation. However, this in turn can recycle stale air, toxins, bacteria and mold throughout your home. We provide indoor air quality products that integrate into your HVAC system, and work together to purify and refresh your indoor air!

HVAC Maintenance
Your air conditioner will not look out for you and give a warning that it needs servicing before the summer heat arrives. Most likely it will wait until the hottest month of the summer to break down. Remember that your indoor comfort system is just like a car - neglect will lead to decreased performance, reliability and even shortened system life.

If you have any indoor comfort control questions, please do not hesitate to call us at (800) 479-2754. Thank you for your interest in General Supply, a Bloomington HVAC contractor dedicated to your indoor comfort!

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